AI driven video monitoring for safety, security and operations

We make monitoring intelligent yet simple. With seamless integration of our advanced AI and video analytics, strengthen your existing camera systems to see and report what really matters, filtering out unwanted noise in real-time.

Our cloud, mobile and edge solutions provide accurate and fast results to protect people, property and deliver a high ROI for your business.

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Our Products

SmartyzeDetect Fence

With SmartyzeDetect Fence, power your security systems to detect and deter in real-time. Secure people and property with an end-to-end solution that detects unusual events at-the-edge, sends instant alerts to your mobile app and empowers you to deter the event from remote by triggering an alarm or even talking back.

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SmartyzeDetect ANPR

SmartyzeDetect ANPR is a Deep Learning-based powerful Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition (ANPR/LPR) solution that delivers fast and highly accurate results across challenging conditions - whether it be varied lighting or weather or be it plates with icons, vanity plates or plates at an angle. SmartyzeDetect ANPR can be seamlessly integrated at the edge or on the cloud using simple APIs.

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SmartyzeDetect Partner

SmartyzeDetect Partner provides simplified AI APIs for Person Detection, Perimeter Protection and COVID-19 compliance detection which can be easily integrated into existing video processing systems. With deployment options available on edge, datacenter and cloud via Docker images, developing and deploying custom business solutions with AI is simpler.

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SmartyzeDetect CloudAI

SmartyzeDetect CloudAI is a cloud-based AI video analytics solution for false alarm filtering. Our platform uses advanced analytics to accurately detect and alert you to the presence of people or vehicles in your video feeds.

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Why choose SmartyzeDetect?

Premium features

Make monitoring proactive at your home or business with smart AI features: Person detection, License Plate Recognition, Perimeter protection, Smart zones and more


Use your existing camera systems and add AI features with easy plug-n-play


No more random, unnecessary alerts all day. Improve security and operational efficiency with relevant real-time data

High accuracy

High accuracy ML models and algorithms which work under different environmental conditions


With edge optimized software reduce bandwidth usage and process video streams at the edge to increase security and privacy

Simplified API

With REST or Thrift RPC based API, simplify integration with code auto-generation in the language of your choice. Add AI to your business applications quickly and easily


Regular software updates offer you improved performance and access to new features as they're added



Monitor your business from anywhere, optimize operations and prevent issues from escalating into losses.


Monitor high-value assets and secure areas with zones and schedules, secure customers and protect staff.

Logistics/Supply Chain

Protect your goods and assets, optimize your supply chain and processes and secure your employees.

Apartments/Shared Residential Spaces

Establish a safe community and maximize rent rates by providing peace of mind to residents, protect shared assets.


Monitor students and ensure their safety, monitor staff behavior, also protect infrastructure and assets.


Monitor patient care, protect assets, and ensure staff is following standard operating procedures.

Integrate with ease

Get started quickly

SmartyzeDetect's suite of products offer solutions across a wide range of usage and deployment scenarios providing both end-to-end user experiences as well as customizable plugin development models. Choose the product that suits your specific needs and get started with making video systems smart whether it's for you or for a business solution you are building out.

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