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SmartyzeDetect ANPR uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time highly accurate results which outperforms legacy OCR solutions.

If you are in need of advanced vehicle recognition for parking management operations or for seamless automatic access control or for fleet management and efficiency, SmartyzeDetect ANPR's AI based ANPR solution is for you.

SmartyzeDetect ANPR can be deployed in a Docker environment at the edge, in a datacenter or in the cloud with total control over data, privacy and security.


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Key Features

With highly accurate deep learning models capable of handling varied environments while being performant even in edge deployment scenarios, SmartyzeDetect ANPR is a perfect fit for creating robust solutions for a wide variety of usecases.
Day and night, different lighting conditions
Rain or shine, different weather conditions
Angled plates work as well
Multiple vehicles, no problem
Handles plates with icons
Works on varied backgrounds

Why choose SmartyzeDetect ANPR?

Deploy anywhere
Deploy anywhere

SmartyzeDetect ANPR is available as a Docker image and can be deployed on any compatible machine. The Docker image is available globally via Amazon ECR Public.

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Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy

With options for edge and datacenter deployments, your data and your users' data remains with you. Increase network security, data privacy and also reduce latency.

Unified APIs
Unified APIs

Our APIs are built with the aim of making ANPR usage in common application scenarios easy. Whether you need to run ANPR on individual images or on video streams our unified API provides a single interface to accommodate both.

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No GPU required
No GPU required

Our solution is capable of running on x86 CPUs without the need for specialized hardware or GPUs. Get started quickly for evaluation purposes and also deploy on a wide variety of target environments with low TCO.

Boost your business solutions with the robust SmartyzeDetect ANPR plugin software

Advanced AI made easy

Build solutions quickly

SmartyzeDetect ANPR can be deployed as a Docker container which opens up a wide array of deployment usecases. Our AI engine runs on x86-64 CPUs and does not require special hardware or GPUs. With a choice of REST or thrift RPC API you get performance at runtime with low overhead and simplicity during integration with code auto-generation. You can easily leverage AI-enabled ANPR/ALPR and add vehicle intelligence in your business applications quickly.

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