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Stay secure with SmartyzeDetect Fence, an AI-based video monitoring solution that empowers your security systems to detect and deter critical incidents in real-time.

If you want to eliminate the need to browse through endless CCTV footage or avoid getting disturbed by frequent random alerts/false alarms, while being aware and assured, then this solution is for you.

Use existing plain video security systems/CCTV with the plug-n-play SmartyzeDetect Fence Windows app and get edge-based detection that provides advantages of enhanced security, low latency and low bandwidth while also enabling local deterrence in real-time. With the secure, scalable SmartyzeDetect Fence cloud and an Android mobile app, get storage, remote connectivity to view live feeds, real-time alerts and deter remotely.

What you can do with SmartyzeDetect Fence

Intrusion Detection
Intrusion Detection

Monitor your premises using existing video security systems/CCTV cameras enhanced with AI capabilities provided by our Person Detection solution. Get rid of false alarms caused by motion due to wind, change in light, etc. Get notified instantly on your mobile as and when events occur.

Real-time Deterrence Options
Real-time Deterrence Options

Our Deterrence options allows you to setup automatic responses to monitoring events. Play a siren or even your own recorded phrase to deter intruders in real-time. Also look into live footage whenever you want. Share access with your friends/family/authorities.

Tripwire Detection
Tripwire Detection

Our Line-Cross Detection solution allows you to combine Person Detection and Tracking features to monitor occupancy levels, get alerted on entry/exits and perimeter crossings.

Zone Based Monitoring
Zone Based Monitoring

Customize Person Detection to your specific needs. Use zones to limit detection to required areas alone and avoid false alarms.

Mask Detection
Mask Detection

Our Mask violation detection solution allows you to auto-monitor compliance at your premises - be it apartments or workplaces. Monitor employee and customer compliance and take corrective actions based on data-backed evidence. Get real-time alerts and stay in the know of any violations as they occur.

Social Distance Detection
Social Distance Detection

Use our Social Distance violation detection solution to monitor COVID safety protocols in public spaces. Identify hotspots and implement corrective SOPs to improve safety.

Live Events
Live Events

Our Web Portal provides a live view of events as they occur. Display these at prominent places to deter violators. Also get notified on your mobile with push notifications and e-mail.

Analytics & Insights
Analytics & Insights

Use the Analytics Portal to view history of compliance metrics and trends. View reports based on different dimensions and make data-backed changes to SOPs to improve compliance.


Make your video cameras Smart

SmartyzeDetect solutions work alongside your existing video security/CCTV systems allowing you to continue using them but also gaining advanced remote monitoring and modern AI capabilities


AI features including person detection, smart motion detection, and more to reduce false alarms and monitor your home and business effectively


Secure design and incorporation of proven best practices to protect both your data and privacy


Mobile apps allow you to stay in the know with real-time alerts even when you're not at your home or business

Audio Alarms

Audio alarm capability at the edge allows setting up deterrence for intrusion and immediate feedback for safety announcements


Analytics and Insights provide actionable info that allow you to optimize SOPs at your facilities to improve safety and productivity


Edge-optimized solutions that reduce bandwidth usage and process video streams at the edge to increase security and privacy


Regular software updates offer you improved performance and also access to new features as they're added


Account sharing with roles allows you to add your family or admins so they are also in the know


Schedules and Rules allow complete personalization of AI features along with settings and alerts to your specific needs

Easy to Get Started

How to Get Started
  • 01

    Purchase a license for SmartyzeDetect Fence Windows App and install it

  • 02

    Download and install the free Android mobile app

  • 03

    Setup a user account on the mobile app and register the Windows App

  • 04

    Add cameras, configure settings and you're all set

It is easy to get started with SmartyzeDetect Fence

Just plug-n-play

Works with existing systems

SmartyzeDetect Fence connects to existing video security/CCTV systems and continuously monitors video streams. It flags critical events of relevance at the edge itself and triggers local deterrence. It also sends alerts/events/clips to the SmartyzeDetect Fence cloud over secure connections. These are delivered via the SmartyzeDetect Fence Android mobile app as real-time alerts to enable deterrence and also view live feed. The web portal provides access to events real-time and aggregated statistics over time to enable actionable insights.

Reduce TCO
Use your existing CCTV systems and save invested capital
Increase Security
Improve security with no open inbound network ports
Plug-n-Play SmartyzeDetect Fence with your existing video security systems
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